Simplicity, a Song and New Life


Face it… we need it in our lives. I love simple things because they help me focus in and look at what is really important. I find myself continually being tugged in a million different directions and this can cause me to not focus on the deeper things of life. Simplicity allows me to do just that… get deeper.

When I find someone or something that allows a greater simplicity to be cultivated in my spiritual life, I am overwhelmed with joy. I need a simple faith to rise in me each and ever day. Being a spiritual leader, it’s important that we don’t forsake “simple faith” for “weighty issues” that can distract us and even pull us away from Jesus…¬†our “first love”.

Will Reagan Banks House

So, this is my song of simplicity today. There’s not much to it… but there is SO MUCH to it also. Take a listen. Close your eyes. Let the words become your words. Let your heart connect with God. Ask the question… “If I give it all to you, will you make it all new.”

His whisper today is simply this… “Yes”. (2 Cor. 5:17)

“If I give it all to you will You make it all new?”
“If I open up my hands will You fill them again?”


Books by GP Hintz: “Porn Again“, “Facebook Jesus” and “THE BEST: a life manifesto

Bieber – Minaj + Cool Instruments = A Great Video

OK. We all love Justin Bieber… right?

Yeah, probably not. I know that there are as many haters out there as there are teenie boppers with Bieber wall paper plastered all over their rooms. But this song, “Beauty and the Beat” just gets stuck in your head and it won’t leave. I came across the perfect rendition today and you got to check it out. Sweet instruments, great vocals and no dirty Minaj lyrics. Enjoy!

Show them some love by suscribing on YouTube:

Kurt’s Channel

Chrissy’s Channel

Alex’s Channel

I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day and feel free to share any links to cool covers in the comment section.