3 Keys to Living In Gratefulness

Living a life of gratefulness is key to living the best possible life ever. When you think about your life, does the word ‘grateful’ come to your mind?

Oftentimes, it may only happen when we are gathered at a table with a big fat turkey staring back at us. But, when we lose something or face difficulty, gratefulness comes back into perspective in our life. When we allow gratefulness to be part of our everyday life, however, we gain a greater perspective on what is truly important.

Personally, there are 5 things that I try to keep centered in my life to remember to be grateful. You can try these too.

  1. Say “Thank You” before your feet hit the floor.Before the java hits your lips, say ‘thank you’. There are so many things to be grateful for when your eyes open. Thankful for the breath in your lungs, the pillow under your head or the opportunity to make a difference in a new day. By making these the first two words out of your mouth, you will start your day with an attitude of gratefulness.
  2. Keep your eyes open to the little things.Each day we are surrounded by so many little things that are often taken for granted. That moment we have a conversation with someone that we didn’t plan and learn something that changes us or opens our mind to something new. Or, that moment when we look around at the job or house or family or friends that we have with new eyes. These moments have the power to increase gratefulness in our lives.
  3. Ask yourself one tough question every day.
    The question is simply this. “If I only had today what I thanked God for yesterday, what would I have?” Ouch! For some of us, that question hurts. We realize that our lack of gratefulness would cause us to live in a pretty sad and empty place. I recently shared this question at THE PLACE Church. Check out the video here:

Strive to live in gratefulness. It will truly have a profound impact on how you see yourself… others… and your life.

Let me hear from you. What are you grateful for this week?

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With a Grateful Heart,



Books I Read in 2014

One goal I had last year was to read more in a balanced fashion. I wanted to expand the number of books and the different kinds of books I read. I wanted nonfiction, fiction, educational and some just for fun. I’m pretty happy with the reading list from this past year. With 32 books completed, 2014 was a good one!

Some books I loved and others I hated. I will read some over and over again and there are others that I will never look at again. That’s the beauty of books.

My highlight this year was Leo Tolstoy. I had never read his books before… but I loved the stories of his that I read. He will definitely make my 2015 list too.

My biggest disappointment was Kerouac’s “Big Sur”. I am a fan of Jack… but this book wasn’t my cup of tea.

Here’s the list… from Jan. to Dec. 2014. Click the book to find it on Amazon and check it out yourself. Keep reading and don’t ever forget this quote:

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by: George Marsden

On Church Leadership by: Mark Driscoll

Big Sur by: Jack Kerouac

As a Man Thinketh by: James Allen

The Man Who Could Do No Wrong by: Charles Blair

Green Hills of Africa by: Ernest Hemingway

Four Blood Moons by: John Hagee

Who’s Holding Your Ladder by: Samuel Chand

The Renegade Pastor by: Nelson Searcy

Visioneering by: Andy Stanley

Take Time for Your Life by: Cheryl Richardson

Quitter by: Jon Acuff

The Secret Life of a Fool by: Andrew Palau

The Starbuck’s Experience by: Joseph Michelli

SEO Blackbook by: R.L. Adams

Think Big and Kick A** by: Donald Trump

How to Make People Like You in 90 Minutes or Less by: Nicholas Boothman

The Chris Farley Show by: Tom Farley Jr.

Heaven is For Real by: Todd Burpo

Generous Justice by: Timothy Keller

Pagan Christianity by: Frank Viola

Tactics by: Gregory Koukl

1984 by: George Orwell

Spiritual Leadership by: J. Oswald Sanders

Animal Farm by: George Orwell

What is Reformed Theology by: R.C.Sproul

Romans 1-7 for You by: Timothy Keller

How Much Land Does a Man Need by: Leo Tolstoy

Where Love is, There God is Also by: Leo Tolstoy

The Hobbit by: J.R.R. Tolkein

Food – a Love Story by: Jim Gaffigan

Fusion – Turning 1st Time Guests into Fully Engaged Members of Your Church by: Nelson Searcy

Don’t give up on reading. Start today and don’t be afraid to put a book down if you aren’t enjoying it. Don’t let a dud stop you from reading this year. There are plenty to pick from!