Chugiak, Alaska and a Moose in the Yard

In Alaska, I am continually experiencing things that I have never experienced before. From the food that I am eating to the places that I’ve been seeing… every day is awe inspiring. The other day, I also experienced another first in my life. I came face to face with a wild moose.

We had seen so many different animals, but the one that we still hadn’t seen was a moose. Everyone around me tells me that they can often be seen on the roadways… however, I hadn’t seen one yet. This was a fact that I was lamenting when my 14 year old looked out the window and said, “Oh My! Look at that!”

What he had seen out the window was none other than a moose! From my window, this is what I saw:



I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening! I mean… a wild MOOSE!

So, I had to get a better view. This caused me to travel down the stairs, out of the house and into the backyard. I was worried that the moose would run away, so I was very sneaky (don’t underestimate my sneakiness) and was able to reach the moose. Check out the video here:

It was incredible to see him. After I figured out that he wasn’t going to run away, I became much more brazen. My wife and kids were watching from the upstairs window and all I hear from my nine year old was, “Come on dad! You can get closer than that!” Well, this simply empowered me to get closer and closer and closer.

As I am getting closer, I hear my wife say, “Get away Greg! Get away! It says here that more people die from Moose attacks in Alaska than Bear attacks.”

“Thanks for the advice, dear, now that I’m about 4 feet away.”

IMG_3891 IMG_3903

When the moose was far enough away, we let the kids outside to see him.


Later, this moose came back and made his way to the front yard. We were literally just a few feet away.

IMG_3909 IMG_3912 IMG_3913

Well, I have to tell you that I felt so blessed to have had this opportunity and honored to be able to share it with you. Coming face to face with a moose is a memory that I won’t quickly forget.


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