Luis Palau, Rainbows and a Strange Man in a Coffee Shop

The rains have come, the clouds have descended and the great times continue to roll.

Here’s the break down of the past few days…


Woke up and went to church. We chose a church that is only about 10 minutes from where we are staying. It is called “The Crossing” and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The kids went to the kids ministry and we were able to go to the main sanctuary for worship and the word. The worship team was great and I got a lot from the message.

After church we headed back to the house and then went back to downtown Anchorage for day two of Luis Palau and “Love Alaska“. There were even more people there on the second day. We walked around, the kids had their faces painted, we watched a ventriloquist, played on some inflatables, watched Lincoln Brewster perform and then listened to Luis Palau and his son Andrew.




Andrew shared his story on coming to Christ. He has a book if you’re interested in learning more called “The Secret Life of a Fool“. He did a great job communicating and his dad followed him. Luis Palau was relevant, thoughtful, funny and filled with grace. There were between 10 and 20 thousand people there (I think I heard  someone say about 17,000). Many people heard the gospel and made decisions to follow Jesus. I believe that they have the support of around 1,200 congregations that are committed to following up with these people to keep them growing. I was honored to be part of this event.



Zion decided that he wanted to partake in the VBS at the “Crossing” church that we attended on Sunday. So, the day started early. I dropped him off and then went to a coffeeshop called “Jitters”. I spent the morning working on my Father’s Day message for THE PLACE Church this coming Sunday. God gave me some great insight on a portion of scripture found in 1 Corinthians that I am excited to share.

The rain started falling on Monday. Not pouring… just a steady and gentle rain. It was nice. It is amazing because I normally hate rain… but because I live in Arizona, I never see it. Now, I appreciate it and don’t mind when it starts falling on my head.

At the coffee shop, there was a strange guy sitting across from me on his cell phone. He looked like this…


Now, I’m not sure what he was doing under that coat, but I think he should really read my new book called “Porn Again: Breaking the Strongholds of Pornography“.

On the ride home we saw the most beautiful and bright rainbow that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I could only get a photo of the dimming side, but the other side was brilliant and hiding behind the trees whenever I had my camera.


When we got home we went out back and started throwing around the frisbee. Xander is doing a great job throwing! I wish I was throwing as good as him at the age of five!


That night… some serious Skipbo action. If you’ve never played it… go buy it today. Shoot… buy it here. You can thank me later!


Finally, off to bed with the cloudy skies. It never got dark, but just dim enough and damp enough to offer an incredible sleep environment.






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