Family Memories, the band Kutless and Deep Fried Hot Dogs

For me, Saturday started out in the way that every perfect day should start… with a run. Running is very therapeutic for me and I try to run every time I’m in a new place. This, however, is a whole new kind of perfect. Running trails specifically leaving from the house where I am staying at… cloud cover providing the perfect 65 degree tempatures… small and steady inclines both up and down. I couldn’t ask for a better place to run. So, I took off and ran about 2.5 miles away from the house, turned around and ran back… finishing at 5.15 miles. A great start to a perfect day.



After finishing the run, we decided to stick around the homestead. We have been running pretty hard lately and knew that it was good to give the kids a break. So, we cozied up in the theatre room and took in the movie “Flushed Away” and some “Full House”. There is nothing like “Full House” on the big screen. My kids were in seventh heaven.



In the afternoon we headed out to downtown Anchorage. Our friends are helping to throw “Love Alaska” which is an event put on by Luis Palau. The event was an incredible success. There were THOUSANDS of people everywhere. Dirtbikes were flying through the air, bands were jamming, kids were bouncing around and games were being played. My kids were having a blast.





They jumped, ran, sang and sucked down some deep fried hotdogs.


We stuck around for my boys to see the band Kutless perform. It was Zion and Xander’s first ever official concert. There was a moment where Zion had his hand lifting praising God, Dylan was singing and Xander was clapping and I said to myself, “This is awesome!” That’s what it is all about… isn’t it? Allowing your kids the opportunity to experience a great time and put another positive memory in their belt. This one… is for both of us.


The best memories are like that. They are for all of us. I will remember that moment and so will they. We will have different perspectives on what made it special… but it will be special for both of us. It wasn’t easy to make this memory come to pass, but it was well worth it and will pay out some incredible dividends in the long run.


Think back through your life… what means the most to you? It’s probably not that car or that house or that thing. Most likely, it is a memory you made with someone who is close to you. It’s that story you tell. It’s the history you’ve made and are making.

So, get ready today… make a memory… create some history… go do something great and fun and memorable. It will surely be worth whatever you invest in it!


p.s. I am trying to learn how to some stand up this summer. I wrote my first jokes. It’s amazing how they just started flowing when I started writing. They crack me up… if that’s all they do… it’s worth it 😀 

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