Leadercast 2014 Recap: Skydiving, CEO’s and Braveheart

I spent the day at the Chick-fil-a Leadercast 2014 in Phoenix. It was quite enjoyable. Here’s my thirty second highlight…

Started with a bang with Andy Stanley and Dr. Henry Cloud. (if you’ve never heard Cloud’s skydiving story, you are missing out).

Big Lull in the middle with Desmond Tutu. Didn’t get much for him except a kick out of his infectious laugh. (If you’ve never heard, try here.)

Ate lunch at THE PLACE restaurant with my man Gilly Pollard. My FB post… “THE PLACE is eating at The Place” [That’s the church where I pastor… THE PLACE]. (if you go, get the turkey burger with guacamole. Yum! The restaurant… not the church.)

Gained momentum. Laura Bush followed by Malcolm Gladwell. (Gladwell is such a classic storyteller! If you haven’t heard him, try here.)


A trifecta of awesomeness… Randall Wallace, Bill McDermott and Simon Sinek

Randall Wallace = the most amazing, touching talk of life, death, Braveheart and making your life count. Tears were present. Here is a past talk of his.

Bill McDermott = incredible storyteller, motivator and accomplished businessman who knows how to motivate. Here he is in the boardroom talking.  

Simon Sinek = stood in the shadows of the previous two giants, but held his own. Here he is sharing “Why Leaders Eat Last“. 

If you get the chance to go to this conference next year, it is definitely worth it.

Big Thanks to my man Jeff Baugus and his ministry “The Ripple Effects” for having us.

Now… my favorite video clip from today. If you have ever been on a conference call, you will appreciate this. Enjoy…

Thanks Tripp… that was funny!



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