“Wait for the Reaper” or “Live a Full Life Today”

I say a name and some of you know it and some don’t. The name?

Randy Pausch

He passed away in 2008, but his words will live on forever.

He was given a terminal diagnosis with “3-6 months of good health left”. And, after this diagnosis, he was given a mic to share his wisdom with the world. His words touched many lives… and they still touch me today. Here is just a small example of his final message to the world.

He was given a gift that many of us don’t have. He had an idea when his life would end. He was counting backwards. Every day was a present that he opened and appreciated.

I want to challenge you this week to live a life of gratefulness. If you were given 3-6 months to live, how would your life change? Don’t wait for the diagnosis. Make the changes today. You will thank me tomorrow.


If you want to read Randy Pausch’s book, “The Last Lecture”, click here.

If you want to see the full message from September 18, 2007, click here.

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