Gassing Up the RV: Good Sites to Help with the Cost

We all know that gas is getting more and more expensive each and every day. When you are driving a vehicle that gets 5-10 miles to the gallon, it is downright painful!

This is what I’ve recently found out as I watched the gas gauge go down every time I pushed down the gas pedal of my RV. The great news is that there are some amazing resources available for you. Check these sites out to help with the cost. I absolutely LOVE this site. I use it to factor out my entire trip. I can put my starting location, all the stops and then the return trip and it will tell me the cost of the entire trip cost. It is a great site and well worth your time. After my first try pulling into a regular gas station, I knew that there was NO WAY that my 36′ unit and towed car was going to fit. From that moment on, I decided to only use truck stops. With this site, I was easily able to find all the truck stops on my journey. Plan ahead and you’ll be a lot happier with your trip. Well, if you can’t beat them, you might as well understand fuel economy better. The government has a site for you that has everything from fuel economy tips to side by side comparisons. Worth your time if you have some time to waste. If you’re driving an RV… it ain’t going to be good!


Happy Trails!


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