My First Time at Lake Jennings, California (pics)

Many of you know that I am a BIG FAN of San Diego, California. I absolutely love it. Every chance I get… I plan the six hour drive from my home in Arizona to Southern Cal. Well, in my mind, there was no better place to take my first ever RV trip. But, for this trip we decided to stay in a place called Lake Jennings which is about 25 miles outside of San Diego.

Check out the website here -> site.

I got to tell you that I am very happy with this place! It is beautiful and quiet and clean. Check out a couple pictures that I took today…

Lake Jennings 1

A Tree Growing in the Lake  

Lake Jennings, California

Lake Jennings, California

The camp is really great. If you are looking at visiting the San Diego area and don’t mind a 25 minute drive to the beach, this place is perfect. We hiked a few miles today and saw a ton of cool stuff. Clouds filled the skies and the weather was perfect for hiking.

Lake Jennings 6

The Boys on our Hike Today

After some hiking, we decided it was time to drive to the beach. Unfortunately, the rains came hard today and we had to postpone our walk by the beach. Instead we drove to Coronado Island where we saw the Navy base, bought a hazelnut latte and then headed back to Mission Beach. WHY? Pizza of course!

If you have never been to a “Luigi’s at the Beach“, YOU HAVE TO GO! Why? Supersized Pizza of course! They are the home of the 30″ pizza and where we ate our lunch. In fact, we took a picture of Grandma Amy having her first encounter with the 30” pizza. Check it out…

Lake Jennings 4

Grandma Amy at Luigi’s

After pizza the clouds parted and the sunshine showed its beautiful face. This meant that we now had the opportunity to walk the boardwalk. We dodged the puddles and lapped up the salty air… stopping for a great family photo…

Lake Jennings 5

The Hintz Family at Mission Beach

Overall, it’s been a great time! Tomorrow we hop aboard the beast (AKA: The RV). We will be traveling back over “Hell’s Canyon” which means going from Sea Level to 4,000 ft above Sea Level at a top speed of 30 MPH. This should be fun!

Please pray for safe travels and we’ll see you again soon!


One thought on “My First Time at Lake Jennings, California (pics)

  1. We just went camping at Lake Jennings this past weekend! It was my first time and I really liked the camp ground. We usually go out to Cuyamaca but its more of a drive! Happy camping to you!

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